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Dick Adams: 1994-1998

Introduction from the inaugural issue of the ISPA Newsletter; September 1994

Dick Adams Seawind page
This opportunity to communicate with those fortunate enough to hope to fly a Seawind must be almost as exciting as flying solo in one for the first time. From the mail you have sent in to date, you can see we are quite an adventurous group.

The point of the newsletter is simply to allow members to get know each other, and to hear of new experiences involving the Seawind.

One of the problems we have is to broadly reflect our clientele's interests. If these interests are not made known then there is now way we can respond. Therefore, if you find the coming issues worth reading, remember that the contents will be improved by your writing in. Those south of the 49th Parallel feed me your thoughts. The last thing I want to see is this becoming a Canadian magazine! I quite realise that to sit down and write an article is not everyone's thing! But if you happen to read an article you think might be relevant to our group, please send it in. A one line note on something can be invaluable to others. Rest assured I will read it and try to fit it in.

We have a had very good response in the last few months on our decision to start up. We have enough in the bank for a dozen issues, and in addition have had some excellent contributions on building issues ... but keep them coming!

Dick has kindly let us incorporate the Sewind logo into our header. Gus and I will start up a column in the second issue on clarifications to the building manuals, which are remarkably good considering the pressures SNA has had to bear in letting us all get in on the act while it builds its prototype.

Finally, we have nothing from the ladies yet, but I hope that will change. You know we retirees flying with our wives might give more than a thought to what happens if we black out at five thousand feet! Get them to handle the plane ... it's excellent insurance for yourself and could save her life.

So with my sincere thanks for your response so far, let's get this thing off the ground and head off to our many precious shangri-la's!

Dick Adams