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Mike Bowes: 1998-2000

"Welcome Aboard" from the September-October 1998 issue of the ISPA Newsletter

Welcome aboard and greetings from the deep south. l'm Michael Bowes, retired bush pilot, Seawind builder, and your new editor for the continuing b&monthly publication of this, the official voice of the owners, builders and those enamored with the worlds most elegant and best performing single engine, amphibious, kit plane. This is not my newsletter. This is a forum for the viewpoint of all members!

I invite each member to participate in this letter by contribution. Your input, whether it be a suggestion, a building tip, or a question, will be welcomed. The participation of all members will make my job even more interesting and provide a broader information base for everyone. Please feel free to help steer this publication in directions that you would like to see it go. Chances are good that if you are interested in some particular subject, others will find it interesting or helpful, too. And remember that the personal comments submitted by other members are their viewpoints and they do have the right to express them You may not agree with some of these viewpoints, all I ask, please, is don’t shoot me, because l’m only the piano player.

Some of you know me as a prolific Seawind aircraft builder. Some have even visited my shop to ask questions and take photographs. I am generally available to help anyone with construction or sourcing problems. I will use some of these pages to present ideas and suggestions that we have used with success to complete Seawind aircraft. I am not the designer or kit manufacturer and, therefore, should not be relied upon as a first line of information on this airframe.

Likewise, if another member presents an idea that you decide to embrace, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the suggestion is sound and workable for’your intended flight operations. When in doubt, follow the instructions furnished with the kit by S.N.A., Inc. These instructions are regularly updated, and are based on years of experience and hundreds of Seawind flight hours.

This experience has not been acquired without heartache and mishap. At times it is best not to try to re-invent the wheel. Building the airplane is a big enough task without trying to re-engineer every facet of it as you go along. Everyone claims to learn by making a mistake. Learn too, from the mistakes of others since you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself!

Mike Bowes