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Mike Witkowski: 2008-Present


Greetings All,

It has been a long road however I think I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel!

As I look back at all the hard work that has gone into the website I can only hope to keep up with the tradition of excellence of the past editors. In the upcoming weeks we will be launching a new website.

The new websites format has changed drastically to a more traditional up to date format. The website will have more pictures, video clips, and articles of the building process. This will go a long way to increase exposure for the community and add to the Seawinds creditability. As time passes, I hope to add information on the certified versions of the seawind to the website and forum. We will be incorporating much of the old website into the new site and whatever is not used will be archived within the forum.

The forum format will remain the same however I will be adding more information as the years pass. The classified section of the forum has been set up for the members to advertise there goods and services. This section is now open to the general public to view. Non members can also advertise for a nominal donation.

Safety is one of my utmost concerns! In my three years of owning N20W, I have not seen any alerts or bulletins. The information that I have gathered and disseminated to the group has been gathered by searching the web and talking to the NTSB. At the last splash-in the subject was discussed and we decided to add a category to the forum titled "SAMS" (Seawind Airworthiness Maintenance).

When all is said and done, the website and forum should provide a wealth of information and provide a means of communication for all.

As the days go on I find myself exponentially enjoying the time I have with my Seawind and the Seawind community. I envision a time where not only the experimental but also the certified will work together for the common goal of a homogenized group.

I look forward to the days of a sky full of Seawinds; would that be a gaggle of Seawinds?


Mike Witkowski


I want to thank all the past editors who have done a great job keeping the information flowing and the members together.

This month we launched a new section of the website hanger which resembles the more traditional modern age forum. The old message board, the hanger, will continue to exist until all of the information has been moved over to the new forum.