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Visit the Editors Corner for past and present comments by the Seawind Editors

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Below are two sitemaps for both the current, and old, ISPA web sites.
These provide direct links to pages on both sites, to help make navigation easier.

Current ISPA Sitemap

International Seawind Pilots Association
About the International Seawind Pilots Association
Editors Corner: International Seawind Pilots Association
ISPA: Seawind Performance
Creelman Page: International Seawind Pilots Association
ISPA Racing Members
ISPA: Turbine Seawinds
ISPA: Turbocharged Seawinds
ISPA: Our Friends
International Seawind Pilots Association: Events & Calendar
ISPA: Sun 'n Fun 2007
ISPA: Splash-Ins
ISPA: Photos & Videos
Seawind Photos
ISPA: Videos
ISPA: Newsletter
Classifieds: International Seawind Pilots Association
ISPA: Contact Us
Editors Corner: Mike Witkowski
Editors Corner: John Ricciotti
Editors Corner: Brent Carlson
Editors Corner: Captain Rod Teel
Editors Corner: Mike Bowes
Editors Corner: Dick Adams
ISPA Racing Members: Art & Ken Culver
ISPA Racing Members: Keith and Brian Walljasper
ISPA Racing Members: Mike and Jody Bowes
ISPA Racing Members: George and Joan Osborne
ISPA: Sun 'n Fun 2005
ISPA: Sun 'n Fun 2003
ISPA: Fly-In 2003
ISPA: Splash-In 2004
ISPA: Splash-In 2005
ISPA: Splash-In 2006
ISPA News: 2012-2014
ISPA News: 2010-2012
ISPA News: 2008-2010
ISPA News - August 2004-May 2005
ISPA News - April-June 2004
ISPA News - January-March 2004
ISPA News - October-December 2003
ISPA News - July-September 2003
ISPA News - April-June 2003
ISPA News - March 2003
ISPA News - February 2003
ISPA News - January 2003
ISPA News - December 2002
ISPA News - November 2002
ISPA News - Before November 2002
ISPA: 1998-2001 Newsletters
ISPA: Early 1998 Newsletters
ISPA: 1997 Newsletters
ISPA: 1996 Newsletters
ISPA: 1995 Newsletters
ISPA: 1994 Newsletters

Old ISPA Sitemap

Below are links to the old ISPA web site pages.
Please note that you can click on any of the "home" links or tabs
on the old site in order to return to the new web site's home page.

Membership Info
Editor's Desk
Aviation Humor
Sample Newsletter
Seawinds For Sale
Racing Members
Test for You
Newest Seawinds
ISPA Site Map
Seawind Piloting
Turbine Seawinds
Turbocharged Seawinds
The ISPA Hangar
Splash-in 2004
Problem Solving
Art & Ken Culver
Keith & Brian W.
Mike & Jody Bowes
George & Joan O.
2003 Fly-in
2003 Fly-in
Dean Rickerson
George Osborne
Splash In 2005
Splash-in 2006
Fuel System
Letters & Biographies
John Ricciotti
Brent Carlson
Ed Lynch
Leon Pesche
Copy of Recent Letters
New Page 2
Jim Small
Will Frost
John Borman
Keith Walljasper
Phillip de Ridder
Perry Taylor
Roger Isackson
Ken Wood
Bud Gustin
International Seawind Pilots Association
Builder Tips
Landing Gear
New Page 1
Fitting The Rudder
Hydraulic Woes
Gross Weight Info.
Ken Wood
Perry Taylor 2
Perry Taylor